Christy Shelton

Christy Shelton
Cascadia Consulting Group
United States
Christy Shelton brings 25 years of experience managing the design, analysis, evaluation, and performance of effective plans and programs for sustainability, climate change, and resource conservation. She conducts strategic planning, program evaluation, research, and facilitation projects for cities, transit agencies, ports, counties, states, and other public agencies. For Sound Transit’s Sustainability On-Call contract, Christy leads a team of 18 subcontractors to support the agency’s sustainability planning and programs, including annual sustainability inventories and progress reports, climate change adaptation and mitigation, electric bus research, greener concrete, total cost of ownership analyses, Sustainability Plan updates, renewable energy strategy, and sustainability and efficiency fund planning. For Sound Transit’s WSBLE light rail expansion project, she is conducting a climate change vulnerability assessment and working with a sustainability workgroup to identify sustainability elements that go beyond the agency’s design guidelines. Christy earned her B.A. from Stanford University and M.S. from the University of Michigan’s School of Environment and Sustainability (SEAS).
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